Suitable to slit Kraft Board,Mill Board,Straw Board etc.
Subtance Range : 150 - 400 GSM
Fitted with 12 Sets of Top and Bottom Knives
Sturdy construction to withstand heavy work loads.

Paper Cone & Tube Crushing Strength Tester

This tester is used to determine and compare the crushing strength of Paper Cones, Tubes and Cores used in textile spinning mills, paper industry, film winding industry, etc. This machine is very ideal to both manufacturers of Paper Cones and Tubes as well as to the end users like Paper Mills, Spinning Mills etc. This machine is operated by pneumatic air pressure and the conveniently located dial gauge facilitates easy reading of the crushing strength. It is supplied with one standard set of testing jaws. The equipment is compact in design with space saving features and easy portability.

Pneumatic Cylinders


Available in bore sizes from 32 to 100 mm
Conforms to ISO standards
Highly quality honed pipes used
Suitable to pump dextrine glue and other high viscosity fluids
Long lasting wear parts
Easy to maintain and operate


Cobb Tester

This tester is used to determine the water absorption/penetration (COBB Value) of paper and paper boards.

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